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The following changes were introduced in Tails VERSION:

XXX: Copy the "Changes" section of the release notes, and compact a bit:

  • Remove lines about software upgrade (that's not Tails itself).
  • Remove screenshots.
  • Remove "New features" and "Upgrades and changes" headlines.
  • Remove line about Changelog.

?? New core developer ??

Today, we celebrate the arrival in our Foundations Team of a new member: boyska. His skills and experience in operating systems, software development, and collective projects will:

  • Accelerate development of new features, user experience improvements, and bug fixes.

  • Make our day-to-day maintenance work more sustainable.

    This work has no visible impact most of the time, except that Tails is still alive after more than a decade, and here to stay!

  • Decrease our reliance on a tiny number of key persons.

    This is one important step we're taking, among others, towards making Tails a healthier project.

XXX: insert bio, written at the first person by boyska.

Additionally, we would like to thank:

  • the thousands of people whose donation allowed us to fund this new position

    Please consider donating today to fight surveillance and censorship.

  • the dozens of people who applied to this job offer

    It's been truly heart-warming to see so many great applicants interested in working with us.

Welcome, boyska! :)


XXX: If you feel like it and developers, foundation team, and RMs don't do it themselves, list important code work that is not covered already by the Release section (for example, the changes being worked on for the next version).

Documentation and website

XXX: If you feel like it and technical writers don't do it themselves, explore the Git history:

     git log --patch --since='1 October' --until='1 November' origin/master -- "doc**.*m*" "about**.*m*" "support**.*m*" "install**.*m*" "upgrade**.*m*"

User experience

XXX: If you feel like it and the UX team does not do it themselves, check the archives of tails-ux: https://lists.autistici.org/list/tails-XXX.html

Hot topics on our help desk

XXX: Ask tails-bugs@boum.org to list hot topics for the last month.



XXX: The fundraising team should look at the fundraising Git.

   git log --patch --since='1 December' --until='1 January' origin/master

XXX: The fundraising and accounting teams should look at the archives of tails-fundraising@boum.org and tails-accounting@boum.org.


Past events

  • Tails was presented (among other tools) to journalism students at Sciences Po Rennes (Rennes, France).

Upcoming events

On-going discussions

XXX: Link to the thread on https://lists.autistici.org/list/tails-XXX.html.

Press and testimonials

XXX: Copy content from wiki/src/press/media appearances 2020.mdwn This page is continuously updated by tails-press@boum.org, so if it's empty there might be nothing special to report.


XXX: Add the output of (adjust month!):

sudo apt-get install intltool
git checkout $(git rev-list -n 1 --before="September 1" origin/master) && \
git submodule update --init && \


  • Tails has been started more than BOOTS/MONTH times this month. This makes BOOTS/DAY boots a day on average.

How do we know this?

XXX: Ask tails@boum.org for this number.